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How To Use A Virtual Business Phone

So you’ve heard about the power of having a virtual office phone and want to know more. Maybe you think it would be a good idea to get it set up in your business. If that’s what your thinking and you need more information to get started, then you’re on the right page. A virtual office phones system will have many benefits to you and your business and we’re going to look at the benefits and how you can get one set up.

A Brief Look At a Virtual Phone

So what is a virtual office phone system you ask? A virtual phone or voip office phone is a more convenient way of making phone calls. Whether you want to make local or international calls you can with a virtual office phone .

A voip office phone system uses the power of the internet to make calls. A voip office phone system utilizes your broadband connection to make and receive locally or internationally. This is technology that was available to a select few only a few years ago. Now it’s available and more affordable than ever.

Why Should You Want this system?

The goal of any business is to make more money than they have to spend. To do this a business has to find ways to make more money efficiently. One way a business can boost their profitably is by installing voip office phone services.

With this type of system in your business you can set up an IVR system. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response system. This is the type of system where are caller calls a business and is prompted to use their keypad to select different options. These options would help the caller get the help they need or get to the person who could help them the most.

This system not only encourages efficiency but eliminates the need to hire a receptionist. It also lowers the amount of wrong call transfers within your organization which saves you time and money. Time and money are the two things you can’t get back so the more of them you can save the better. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about missing a call because you can use the power of call forwarding.

Call Forwarding Capabilities

Leaving the office for a bit but don’t want to miss your calls? Well you can set up your virtual office phone system to forward calls directly to your device. It doesn’t matter where you are once a call comes into your device with will be automatically forwarded to the device of your choice. Even if you are on another call and can’t answer an incoming one you can have the call forwarded to another number.

Your call forwarding virtual office phone system can be set up for certain hours of the day. Calls can be forwarded during business hours or when there’s a holiday or some other event. You’ll never have to miss a call once you use a virtual office phone service.


Having a voip office phone service means you won’t be stuck to one location. Your number can be assigned to any device of your choice. Once you set up your number you can get calls on the go.

If you prefer to use your laptop over your tablet you can easily set this up. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, once you have access to internet you can use your voip office phone service.

Calls From Anywhere

With a virtual office phone service you can make or receive calls from anywhere once you have an internet connection. Unlike the old way of setting up a phone system where you are assigned to a specific location a voip office phone allows you to choose the area code of your choice.

If you are in one location and need to call a person who doesn’t live in your state you can change your area code to match theirs. This is something you couldn’t do before without having to pay a ton of money. You can save money on long distance calls when you use a voip office phone system.

Which business doesn’t want to save more money with their operations. So this is another reason why setting up a voip office phone service is so crucial to your business.

By saving on the calls you make and receive you can later invest that money to enhance the growth of your business.

How To Get Started?

So by now you know the benefits of having a voip office phone service installed in your business and now you want to know how you can get it done in your business. Well, you don’t have to look far because our team at AntTone can help you.

You can use our voip office phone services get set up easily. Once you have the internet connection to sustain the use of a virtual office phone you can get up and running.

When choosing a virtual office phone service you want to ensure you choose a provider that’s affordable and reliable. At AntTone we offer you affordable plans to help you get set up quickly.

Here are some of the plans we offer:

Personal Plan ($4.99 per month):100 minutes & 300 SMS

Small Business Plan ($19.99 per month)

Company Plan ($39.99 per month)

Family Plan ($6.99 per month)

Each plan except for the family one comes with a free trial. So if you want to get started with the right voip office phone service choose AnTone today.

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