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How To Get Affordable Virtual Numbers

Technology is has given us capabilities we didn’t have before. We can video call family members in other countries. We can stay connected through social media, and we can send and receive calls while on the go. With even more recent technology, we can make calls using the power of the internet. How? With virtual phone numbers.

A Virtual Phone Number

If you haven’t heard about it before, you might be wondering what a virtual number is. A VoIP number stands for Voice over Protocol, which allows you to make calls through the internet. A virtual phone number is cheaper than the traditional phone line, so many business owners are getting it for their businesses.

As long as you have access to a broadband connection, you can call using this technology. Having this ability is why many people have gravitated to using a virtual phone service. Where you are in the world is no longer a problem. You can be on the other side of the world, as long as you have internet, you can stay connected.

What Is A Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system allows you to set up virtual phone lines for your business. With virtual phone lines, you can set up any mobile device to receive business calls.

Using a virtual phone system in your business allows you to cut costs in your business. When trying to get a virtual phone number set up for your business, you need to find a reliable virtual phone number provider.

Easy Call Routing

The main benefit of having a virtual telephone is that your number isn’t connected to one specific device or phone line. Flexibility is why most people opt to have this type of number.

The traditional phone number could only work on one specific phone line, and this caused many limitations. Any calls coming in could only go to that one number. Now, this is all good until you’re not at your desk or unable to take a call, which isn’t something you want to happen.

With a virtual phone, this isn’t something you have to worry about as your only limitation would be an internet connection. You can go anywhere and talk once you are in the range of an internet connection.

Your number can also have calls forwarded to it. You can set up your calls to come to your virtual number in an instance where you need to travel. Missing a call is a thing of the past with virtual phone lines.

Remote Business Benefits

More businesses are starting to see the power of using this virtual number. A company can have branches in different locations but seem like one with virtual numbers. A person can be calling from one state, but gets a rep in another and still get the service they need.

Once you have your numbers set up, you can direct what call goes to which number. Whether you have employees working from home or other states, they can stay connected to your business with virtual phone services.

How To Get A Virtual Number

When trying to get a virtual phone line, there are a few things you must take into consideration. The first thing is knowing your budget. You want to ensure the company you are thinking about choosing has affordable plans. You don’t only want to have a reasonable plan, but you want a plan that gives you the features you need.

Finding the right features is about understanding what you need from your virtual phone number. With cheap virtual phone services, you can make more affordable calls, which helps you to save money while being more efficient.

When you’re looking for a virtual telephone service, you want to choose the best virtual phone system. At AntTone, we work to help you set up a cheap virtual phone system. We offer affordable plans packed with the features you need.

VOIP Calling

Our VoIP phone numbers gives you the ability to make high-quality calls using the internet. VoIP calls using particular codecs, which eliminates call noise. It also adapts to the quality of your internet connection, so your call maintains the best quality for your call duration.


Maybe you’re on the go, and you can accept calls. We give you the power to send text messages using our SMS feature. It’s fast and efficient with an instant response feedback mechanism built-in.


With our virtual phone numbers, you get access to our MMS technology, which supports US and Canadian picture technology.


Sometimes remembering details of a call can be challenging, so you may need to record them. Our virtual phone services give you the ability to record calls and access them easily.


What happens if you’re on a call and can’t accept another? Then you can use the power of our voicemail system. Set up a voicemail system to take messages when you can answer a call. You never have to miss a call again with AntTone’s phone. Virtual number voicemail systems put the power in your hands.


When running a business, you may need to set up extensions. The traditional way of setting up extensions comes with its limitations. With our extensions, you are free to set up any number of extensions you need to any number.


Our IVR capabilities allow you to receive information from your customers all day long without ever being overwhelmed.

Call Forwarding

Answer calls from anywhere in the world are easy with AntTone’s call forwarding abilities. Forward incoming calls to the number of your choice with our call forwarding services. Once you have available internet you can have your calls forwarded to your device.

These are just some of the services you receive when you decide to make AntTone your choice for a virtual ipphone. You simply need to sign up and get starting. When you sign up you, then choose your number and set everything up. So why don’t you get starting with virtual phone calling today

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